27 October 2006

My web site

In case anyone who reads this is interested (I might say, in case anyone reads this at all, but I know what one or two people will) my web site is operational again at www.petergroves.co.uk. I'm rebuilding it as I discovered that the content has become more than a little stale over the years, so don't expect much from it just yet, but it will improve.

Time trials

On the rare occasions that I get to track training on a Thursday evening, I always pick a time trial - 1500 metres flat out, preceded by a merciless warm-up that feels as if it cannot leave enough in my legs to run 1500 metres at any pace. Yesterday (and my purpose in writing this is mainly to record the time) I did it in 5:45. It's so long since I last did one of these sessions that I don't know what time I did then. It's a long way off four-minute mile pace (which I have never had the slightest chance of getting near), but it's good to note that it's well within 4 minutes per kilometre, which is my target pace for 5 and 10K. Only one problem ...