25 August 2006

Last Friday of the Month

After years of intending to run it, I finally organised myself to enter
the Serpentine Running Club's Last Friday of the Month 5K, the day
before I reached my half-century, and therefore my last opportunity to
better 20 minutes while in this age group.

Well, I didn't manage. I reached the first kilometre mark in 3:36, a
pace best described as crazy: it was warm and humid, and while I should
be accustomed to such conditions it was hard work. I had been late to
bed the previous night, after a visit to the Proms (Mahler 5), so I was
not as well-rested as I needed to be. After that manic initial pace, I
slowed to 4:05 for the second K and it went backwards from there until I
crossed the finish line in 20:40. An improvement from last time out, of
course, and probably a PB (I'm beginning to think that my Silverstone
half-way time wasn't really half-way), and plenty to aim for next month.