14 June 2006

Fair weather runner?

I don't often allow the weather to stand in the way of a run. Actually, now I have written that I realise how false it is. But normally, I don't worry too much about whether it's raining, cold, hot, sunny - though driving sleet would probably count as a deterrent. Generally, commuting on foot, I can't afford to let the weather dictate what I do.

I have spent evenings at the office hoping for a break in the weather, but eventually I have accepted what nature has had to offer. Last night seemed perfect anyway, so I left to run back to the flat and was about 15 minutes into the journey when the rain started. And having started, it got heavier and heavier, so I splashed my way up Lisson Grove, Grove End Road and Abbey Road and reached the flat already showered, just needing to dry off.

Unfortunately, my running kit didn't dry off quite so easily. I opened all the windows to maximise the airflow, though the atmosphere was still and humid so little movement was available. I hung vest, shorts and socks in the open windows and placed my shoes (packed with paper towels) on the windowsill: this morning, they were still soaking, and my attempts to dry the socks using a fan heater just created an undesirable smell not unlike a wet dog, scorched the socks and melted a plastic coat-hanger. My run to the office today was one of the less pleasant ones: I took it slowly, lacking energy and carrying a certain extra weight of water around my feet. With a race to do at lunchtime, I hope my energy levels will have increased!

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