09 May 2006

Shopping in San Antonio

I was delighted that Marek should have found this blog, expecially as (unless he has kept very quiet about it, and in conversation with me I can understand why anyone would keep it under their hat) he isn't a keen runner. He reminded me yesterday about an episode in San Antonio, and I put it to him that it had to be blogged. So here it is, Marek!

INTA was in San Antonio in 1997, I think. It was Marek's first, and we had found ourselves bumping into each other often and had become good friends, so we arranged to go to the airport together on the way home. We must have taken a taxi, because Hilary had ordered a huge consignment of rubber stamps which I had been obliged to pursue around the United States by phone until they showed up in San Antoinio. They were heavy!

It may be that we planned all along to take a trip to some shops after checking in our luggage, but when I offered up my suitcase - a difficult manoeuvre, given the weight of stamps - the airline demanded a substantial fee for taking it. Severl hundred dollars, I think. But they would take any number of items of luggage provided each was within the limit. So I put the case in a locker (not without difficulty!) and Marek and I found a cab and asked to be taken to the nearest stores where I could buy luggage and he could get his CD.

In the event, I remember that all he got was two Cokes, but one of them was very welcome to me. I got a bag, which in the end I took as hand luggage full of rubber stamps (this was before Hilary discovered unmounted ones, so there was a lot of wood in the case). At Heathrow, when I arrived, I had to lug it on my back. I have no recolleactiof of how I changed planes in Houston, as I am sure I must have done: perhaps my memory is protecting me by wiping it.

Marek found his CD later, back in Poland.

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