18 April 2006

Abbey Road in springtime

Last Thursday was the first morning this year when it was mild enough to run in tee-shirt and shorts. The day before gloves and hat were needed: on Thursday I'd have overheated in no time.

My daily run to work is worth describing, and last Thursday was precisely the day to start to do so. Unfortunately, there has not been time to write it up as I would have wished and consequently I ended up with several thousand words (a literal myriad, perhaps) and had only reached the Abbey Road zebra crossing. However, there is one little sketch that I feel the need to include now, with the rest to come later.

A little further on from the crossing I reached the junction with St John’s Wood Road. One of the many street-sweepers employed around here rounded the corner as I approached and, seeing me coming, withdrew with a wink and let me pass. I can’t place him and his colleagues very accurately – they look possibly North African, or Middle Eastern: I often wonder what they are doing so far from home, sweeping up the rubbish left by more affluent people who should know better (with one of whom I almost exchanged blows a few evenings back – that too is another story). I make a point of greeting them each time I pass, and I hope the wink indicates that he remembered me.

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