28 March 2006

Runners everywhere

I was stuck for an idea to get this blog started, but yesterday, at the Oxford Literary Festival (where I had the job of looking after one of the speakers) I found my solution. He was there to talk about websites, and I mentioned that I had just set up a blog. He asked what I'd be posting about on it - law? he asked - and I said running.

Well, of course, he was a runner too. They - we - get everywhere. You really feel part of a community when you have this in common. Ability levels are almost irrelevant: I have a similar fellow-feeling towards a first-time 5K runner as I would to a sub-2:30 marathoner, not that I have ever met anyone in that category. It is the mere fact of being one of the however-many-percent of the population that takes the trouble to don running shoes, however infrequently, and get some exercise.

I think that bodes well for this blog: there will always be something connected with running to write about!

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