29 March 2006

Compton Downland Challenge

Perhaps I was being hopelessly optimistic. Many years ago, I ran my first marathon after reaching 16 miles in training. It was extremely unpleasant. Attempting my first ultra on the strength of having run a marathon was a mistake of the same magnitude.

The short version of the story is simply that I reached 25 miles and went home (which, conveniently, was exactly there). The longer version, which I'll tell another time, includes some beautiful scenery, many friends (old and new), and two painful feet. But this evening I was able to take part in my club's weekly social run, which I hadn't expected to be able to do, though, it has just occurred to me that also running this evening was a club member who did complete the 40 miles, broke his personal best by (I think) 17 minutes, and in the process probably won the over-sixties category for about the third time. So I shouldn't feel too self-satisfied.

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